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New Loan Home Loans  (949) 281-LOAN

"You can calculate your new monthly payment below"

Hello, my name is Jon Bruegl 

New Loan .com

As a broker, I work with wholesale lenders to get you a New Loan with a lower interest rate.  

I will provide you with excellent service and a New loan.  

Find out why my clients return to me when they need a New Loan.  

Contact me now for a free New Loan consultation.

(949) 281-LOAN or Jon@NewLoan.com

MBA Finance, Pepperdine University, Malibu
California Mortgage Broker License #1348346
Founder New Loan Home Loans


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  Mortgage Calculator

 New Loan Term (Years):
 New Loan Interest Rate %:
 New Loan Amount:
 Annual Property Tax: **
 Annual Property Insurance: **



 New Loan Monthly Principal + Interest:
 New Loan Monthly Property Tax:
 New Loan Monthly Proprty Insurance:
 New Loan Total Monthly Payment:

** Estimate your taxes and insurance IF you wish to include them in your new loan payment.